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Acronym Mania
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Welcome to ACRONYM_ANIA - Where the only limitation is your imagination. We're gonna have fun with this and you're gonna make it happen. Once a month or so, this site will post a set of letters. You, the participants, will submit one answer per participant with a phrase or group of words (matching the acronym letters).

The phrase doesn't have to make complete sense but the more sense it makes the funnier it'll be.

A poll will be posted with the phrases submitted (anonymously) for period of time and the one that received the most votes will win themselves a two months paid access to LiveJournal.

There are only two major rules to follow:

(1) NO campaigning your entry. That means don't go telling all your friends to vote for your entry, but you can tell them to check out the poll and vote for the one they liked best. If I see campaigning or evidence of people telling others who to/not to vote for, I will declare your entry NULL and VOID.

(2) NO OBSCENITY. The entry you submit can be a little risque but complete and utter obscenity will make your entry NULL and VOID.

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